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Emiliana (cover) By Dihnoh

by naijarex


Emiliana by Ckay is a really great love song. It’s a song I can relate to hundred percent.
Jumping on it was really fun and I really wish people would love my sound on it. Having a chance to remix Emiliana with ckay would be dream come true.

All because of you
I be on the phone all night long o
No be small thing wey you do to me
Oh no no no

I be on my business shawdy
But you be on my mind shawdy
ebelebe oloma my honey oh

Emí I’ve been tryna keep this feelings low key
But I’m so drunk on u it gat me screaming it loudly
you gon be my baby forever not for few weeks
we gon be making babies breaking up ain’t part of it
It ain’t part of it yea.. yh

Every night ama slot it in till the deep end
It feels good to see you sweating n the sheets wet
I know I can’t see or hold you till it’s weekend so right now just

Kiss me through the cellular
Kiss me through the phone
Can’t you see I’m into ya
Can’t you see I’m in love

Kiss me through the cellular
Kiss me through the phone
You are messing with my medulla
High key I don kolo oh no

Emiliana emiliana emiliana oo
Emiliana emiliana emiliana oo
You are one in a million in a million in a million
My Emiliana emiliana emiliana oh

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