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Fake Zelensky capitulation address shared on social media

by naijarex

A fake video of President Volodymyr Zelensky calling on Ukrainian troops to lay down their arms has been making the rounds on social media.

Although his lips move in sync with the audio, Zelensky’s head looks out of place and the voice does not sounds like his either.

A still from the fake video appeared on the website of Ukrainian TV channel Ukrayina 24 earlier in the day and the text of the message was also briefly broadcast on TV.

Ukrayina 24 said in a statement that its website and ticker had been hacked. The website is currently inaccessible.

Zelensky dismissed the address as fake in a video posted on his Instagram, saying he “can only suggest that Russian servicemen lay down their arms and go home”.

The video clip was likely made using deepfake technology to modify video footage – usually replacing one person’s face with another – with realistic results.

If that is confirmed, the doctored Zelensky clip would be the first deepfake of this war.

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