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Much-needed medical aid hampered by driver shortage

by naijarex

Ukraine’s health ministry is calling out for medical trauma kits to stem shelling wounds, desperately needed oxygen for patients, and protective armour for doctors and nurses.

But a key supplier says bringing those much-needed essentials across the border is being hindered by a lack of Ukrainian drivers.

Many of them have been called up to fight – and those that remain face the threat of Russian attacks on aid convoys, and have no easy routes into besieged cities, like Kharkiv and Mariupol.

But Fergus Drake, who is overseeing around £1m worth of humanitarian aid into Ukraine for a medical supplies distributor, says there has been “a tidal wave of humanity we haven’t seen since World War Two”.

His non-profit company has been working in Ukraine for 25 years and he describes seeing “astonishing acts of kindness” from people at the Polish border.

His Ukrainian staff who have left their homes have been offered accommodation, food and phone credits and welcomed, as Drake puts it, “using language like ‘you are Polish now'”.

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