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Russia detains 400 people in Kherson, Ukrainian army claims

by naijarex

Turning now to the occupied southern city of Kherson.

The Ukrainian Army’s General Staff has claimed that hundreds of people have been detained by Russian security forces during protests in the city.

In an operational update posted to Facebook, officials claimed that Rosgvardiya officers – a sort of highly militarised police now seemingly deployed in Ukraine – have arrested some 400 people in the southern city.

The BBC cannot independently verify these claims and it is unclear when the arrests occurred, though social media footage verified by the BBC showed residents taking part in vocal protests against Russian troops over the weekend.

Rosgvardiya, or National Guard officers report directly to Putin and are tasked with tackling organised crime, gun running and controlling protests.

“Due to the fierce resistance of the residents of Kherson, the occupiers are trying to impose an administrative-police regime, for which units of the rossian guard were deployed in the Kherson region, which illegally detained more than 400 citizens of Ukraine,” officials in Kyiv said.

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