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UK refugee hosting: ‘My family’s got a lot of love to give’

by naijarex

The government has now given details on how people in the UK can sign up to have Ukrainian refugees to live with them.

One person putting her name forward for the Homes for Ukraine scheme is Mandi Arnold, who lives in Telford, Shropshire with her partner and three children.

Mandi, 35, says life in her house is already hectic and so “it might as well be even busier” with an extra couple of people.

Mandi fled an abusive relationship when she was in her 20s and says she can empathise with refugees who just want a safe place to call home.

“I would love to welcome someone in my home to give them that security and love,” she says.

“I’ve got a lot of love to give and it’s the perfect opportunity to give it to someone’s who’s in need.”

Mandi says her two sons are too young to understand what housing a refugee would involve but that she and her husband have chatted to her nine-year-old daughter. Amalia, about it.

“She would welcome anyone with open arms,” Mandi says.

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