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What did Boris Johnson say?

by naijarex

Here’s a quick summary of the UK prime minister’s key messages in his press conference at the emergency Nato summit in Brussels:

  • The UK will ramp up lethal aid to Ukraine “at scale” in order to help President Zelensky to defend his country from its “bullying neighbour”
  • The UK will send 6,000 more missiles and £25m in unrestricted funding for Ukraine’s armed forces
  • There will be a new deployment of UK troops to Bulgaria, on top of a doubling of UK troops both in Poland and in Estonia
  • Nato and the G7 are united in their determination to wean themselves off Russian oil and gas
  • The UK PM again ruled out a no-fly zone over Ukraine – saying it would involve the RAF taking down Russian fast jets
  • Johnson said he was “not remotely anti-Russian” and was sympathetic to the Russian people, but not Vladimir Putin
  • Talk about the use of nuclear weapons is a distraction, the use of conventional weapons in Ukraine is “absolutely barbaric”
  • He said he believes President Putin understands the use of chemical weapons would be “catastrophic for him”

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