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What’s been happening today?

by naijarex

If you are just joining us, or want a recap, here is a summary of the latest key developments:

  • A children’s and maternity hospital in the southeastern port city of Mariupol was reportedly hit by a Russian air strike; at least 17 people have been wounded.
  • The city’s residents are said to be without access to food, water, electricity or gas. Mass graves have been dug for the dead.
  • The hospital bombing has drawn strong condemnation from many corners, including the United Nations, World Health Organisation and the Vatican.
  • At a joint news conference, the US and UK foreign ministers again resisted Ukrainian pleas for a no-fly zone, saying their “goal is to end the war, not expand it”.
  • More than 500 Ukrainians have died and over 900 are injured, according to the latest estimates from the UN’s human rights office.
  • The US has rejected Poland’s proposal to transfer its fighter jets to Ukraine via a US air base in Europe as “high risk”.
  • The British army says a small number of its soldiers have disobeyed orders and gone to fight in Ukraine.

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